Legislative Update – August 30th

On August 30th, the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees acted on hundreds of bills that were on the suspense files. For the past several weeks, the committees have collected bills on the suspense files that are estimated to have substantial costs to the state. This afternoon, these bills were considered together.

The Assembly Appropriations Committee considered 229 Senate bills today and the Senate Appropriations Committee considered 437 Assembly bills and two Senate bills.

Below are the bills of interest to Habitat for Humanity CA and its affiliates:


  • SB 6 (Beall): Surplus Lands –  creates a statewide list of all local lands suitable and available for residential development as identified by local governments
  • SB 196 (Beall): Property Taxes Community Land Trusts – creates a new property tax exemption for certain undeveloped land owned by a community land trust
  • SB 330 (Skinner): Establishes the Housing Crisis Act of 2019 and provides stability and transparency for developers by restricting local changes to building requirements upon permit completion
  • AB 68 (Ting): Encourages development by reducing zoning barriers for building.
  • AB 69 (Ting): Reducing costs in the construction and developing guidelines for smaller quarters
  • AB 881 (Bloom): Eliminating barriers and freeing up infill space on properties to develop units
  • AB 1482 (Chiu): Requires just cause by residential landlords to terminate a lease in specified circumstances and would impose caps, with exceptions, on increases in residential property
  • AB 1483 (Grayson): Housing Data – Fee collection and reporting to HCD
  • AB 1486 (Ting): Prioritizes disposing of local agency unused lands for affordable housing projects

Position: Support

Action: Because all bills are in the second house, Senate Bills PASSED from the Assembly Appropriations Committee to the Assembly Floor while Assembly Bills PASSED from Senate Appropriations Committee to the Senate Floor

Next Steps: Legislators have two more weeks to consider legislation. The 2019 legislative session ends at midnight on September 13.