Habitat for Humanity California: State Support Organization

We enable local Habitat affiliates to serve more people by providing help with advocacy, resource development, training, technical assistance, and support.

We proudly assist rural, urban and suburban Habitat Affiliates statewide, serving low and very low income families (30% to 80% of the Average Median Income) in local communities.

We build, renovate, and repair an average of 400 homes per year in California. Changing lives in communities across the state!

Since 2011, government subsidies from federal, state, and local programs have been dramatically reduced or eliminated, and our communities are suffering—together we can make a difference!

There isn’t a single county in California with enough affordable homes and apartments to meet local needs.

Housing costs are one barrier to matching people with jobs.

A nation of homeowners is unconquerable.

We’re Bridging the Gap

Unlike traditional builders and home loan financing institutions, Habitat for Humanity works with low-income families to determine how their mortgage can fit their monthly budget (less than 30% of their monthly income, regardless of the fair market value of the home). Then Habitat for Humanity bridges that funding gap between what the family can afford and the actual cost of the home by leveraging funds and subsidies from private donors, corporate partners, and government institutions. We do not just build and give away our homes!

Yes on Prop 1!

Together, we can take action by saying YES on Prop. 1 – the only measure on the November ballot that builds affordable homes.

What is Sweat Equity?

Sweat Equity is the work a future Habitat homeowner spends helping to build his/her own home as well as the homes of other future homeowners.  It is a central principle in Habitat’s mission of building community and partnering with families to give them “a hand up, NOT a handout.”  Providing the opportunity for our future homeowners to work alongside volunteers and future neighbors to build their homes is one of the most unique, empowering, and rewarding aspects of Habitat for Humanity.  

Taxpayer Generosity

Habitat for Humanity California administers funding generated from California taxpayers who voluntarily contribute towards our mission on their state income tax forms.  To date, over $360,000 has been raised to support affiliates throughout the state of California.

International Impact

On May 12-16, 2016 volunteers from the Habitat for Humanity affiliate in the San Francisco East Bay and Silicon Valley region traveled to El Salvador to help build two homes through the Global Village program.