COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Measures and Resources

For Individuals and Businesses

  • UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE BENEFITS: The State of California has extended and increased Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits because of reduced hours or closed operations due to COVID-19. UI provides partial wage replacement benefit payments to workers who lose their job or have their hours reduced, through no fault of their own (including because of COVID-19). Eligible individuals can receive benefits that range from $40-$450 per week. 
    • Governor Newsom’s recent Executive Order waived the one-week unpaid waiting period. This means that, if you will be filing to collect UI benefits, you will be eligible for the first week that you are out of work or have reduced hours. 
    • Though not full wage-replacement, depending on your income level, UI benefits will recognize 60-70% of your wages.
    • If you are eligible for UI benefits, the EDD processes and issues payments within a few weeks of receiving a claim.

Remote tools and software

  • TechSoup – discounted software and tools for nonprofits to assist with video conferencing and remote work.  Check out Zoom and Google Hangout

Financial Resources

  1. FEDERAL LOAN ASSISTANCE:  SBA low interest loans for nonprofits  – expanded statewide to all counties in CA
  1. STATE DISASTER LOAN ASSISTANCE: Small businesses and non-profits may also be eligible for loans through California State entities. The California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank) offers loan programs for businesses (from one employee up to 750 employees) and eligible non-profits affected by disasters. Under the Disaster Relief Loan Guarantee Program, the IBank will issue loan guarantees up to 95% of the loan through its partner Financial Development Corporations to help small business borrowers who were impacted by disasters and who need term loans or lines of credit for working capital. Small businesses, including small farms, nurseries, agriculture-related enterprises and nonprofits that have suffered an economic and/or physical damage may apply. Visit to learn more.
  2. FOR GENERAL TAX ASSISTANCE: Pursuant to Governor Newsom’s Executive Order, through May 11th, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) has the authority to assist individuals and businesses impacted by complying with a state or local public health official’s imposition or recommendation of social distancing measures related to COVID-19. Please visit to get in touch with CDTFA.
  3. TO FILE FOR A PAYROLL TAX EXTENSION: Employers experiencing a hardship as a result of COVID-19 may request up to a 60-day extension of time from the EDD to file their state payroll reports and/or deposit state payroll taxes without penalty or interest. A written request for extension must be received within 60 days from the original delinquent date of the payment or return. Please visit to learn more.