March 4, 2019

San Diego Union Tribune: San Diego council votes 8-1 to wipe out parking requirements in neighborhoods near transit

San Diego took a step toward becoming a less car-reliant city on Monday when the City Council voted 8-1 to eliminate…
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March 3, 2019

San Diego Union Tribune: No parking: Dueling views on mayor’s plan to allow higher housing density

Providing parking hikes cost of local housing. On Monday, the San Diego City Council will consider Mayor Faulconer’s plan to reform…
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February 23, 2019

Three affordable housing projects moving forward in Redwood City

Three entirely affordable housing developments in Redwood City totaling 217 units are one step closer to breaking ground after the City…
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February 14, 2019

Downsizing the American Dream: The new trend toward ‘missing middle housing’

Crystal Reed and Shayla Williams knew they wanted to buy a home — they just didn’t know whether they could afford…
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February 5, 2019

How Affordable Housing Can Improve the American Economy

Housing is a big part of America’s story of innovation, productivity, and economic growth. For much of the industrial 20th century,…
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February 4, 2019

Public Policy Institute of CA: Video: A Conversation with California’s Legislative Leadership

When Toni Atkins, President Pro Tem of the California State Senate, sat down to talk with PPIC president Mark Baldassare last…
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