How to Get Started

Support Habitat for Humanity California through your state tax return and help us build a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Contribute $1 or more through the Voluntary Contribution Fund section of your 2018 California tax return. It’s tax deductible and provides much needed funding to combat California’s housing crisis!

You can be sure to donate no matter how you file your taxes!

Find us on your California Tax Return – we’re line 437 on Form 540. Even $1 can help build affordable homes and it’s tax deductible! Download our reminder form below to put with your tax documents if you aren’t filing right now!

Do you work with a tax preparer or someone else who prepares your taxes? Send them an email now telling them you want to donate to the Habitat for Humanity Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Or download our reminder form below to put with your tax documents.

After completing your federal taxes and starting on your California tax return, select “YES” when prompted to donate to a California Special Fund. Find the Habitat for Humanity Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund and enter your donation amount in the box on the right of your screen. Even $1 can help.

Your Donation at Work

Every year, Habitat for Humanity California builds, renovates or repairs 600 homes across the state. Homes for people like Maria, a veteran and single mother who struggled to find a job and an affordable home after serving her country.

Stay In Touch

Help us build homes and hope year-round! Sign up for updates about Habitat for Humanity California and our affiliates!

Spread the Word

Help us promote Habitat for Humanity California’s Voluntary Contribution Fund through your social media pages, website, newsletters and emails. Download resources to help spread the word like graphics, sample social media posts and newsletter pieces.