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Legacy Build Nepal

The Legacy Build is a part of Impact Asia initiative and involves a series of special builds to celebrate 35 years of building homes in the Asia-Paci c region. The event aims to inspire and galvanize even more supporters to build on the contributions of Habitat volunteers such as former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn, and many others. Typically, it takes place on a Habitat build site in the Asia-Paci c region. From August to November 2018, the Legacy Build will take place in Nepal, South Korea, India, Philippines, Thailand, China, Vietnam (Big Build) and Cambodia. In future, there could be more countries hosting a Legacy Build.

Please join us for the Executive Director/CEO Legacy Build Nepal in September 2018. Along with your executive director colleagues, you will learn about Habitat’s strategies in Nepal and other countries in the Asia Paci c region, meet with Habitat Nepal’s partners, be part of the Nepal Legacy Build in Kavre District and celebrate 35 years of Habitat’s work in Asia-Paci c. You’ll also travel to Biratnagar, in the eastern part of Nepal, to meet partners and bene ciary families in that region and experience the innovative work of Habitat Nepal.

Habitat Nepal

Habitat for Humanity began working in Nepal in 1997. By 2005, Habitat Nepal helped 830 families directly build homes. In a strategic decision to increase the number of households served, Habitat Nepal began to work in partnership with non- government organizations, particularly micro nance institutions and village savings groups to provide housing loans to low-income families. By June 2011, Habitat Nepal celebrated its 10,000th family served and by 2017, as it marked its 20 years in Nepal, more than 70,000 Nepali families had been helped to address their shelter needs.

A 2010 study by UN-Habitat showed that at least 40,000 urban housing units are required annually in Nepal. The housing need was compounded by the 2015 earthquakes that a ected more than 30 districts and the ooding in August 2017 that caused devastation in around 35 districts in the lowland (tarai) plains.

The two disasters damaged approximately 900,000 houses, leaving them in need of repair or complete reconstruction.

HFH Nepal’s housing strategy, therefore, includes both targeted assistance in the form of grants to the most vulnerable and disaster-affected families, as well as broader market-based support in the form of housing loans for the economically- active poor who are incrementally building, repairing and improving their homes.

Legacy Build in Kavre

Following the 2015 earthquakes and 2017 ooding, Habitat Nepal has been focusing on helping families rebuild safer, permanent homes. Habitat Nepal helped rebuild an entire village of 87 houses in Pipaltar, Kavrepalanchok district, that was severely a ected by the earthquake.

In June 2016, Habitat Nepal received approval from the National Reconstruction Authority to aid recovery by enabling earthquake-a ected families to rebuild their homes in ve wards in Panchkhaal, Kavrepalanchok district; nine wards in Salme and two wards in Tupche respectively, Nuwakot district.

Through Housing Support Services Centers set up at each project locations, Habitat Nepal has been providing direct construction supervision to 570 families while a much larger number of households are bene tting from technical consultations on government guidelines, house designs, and various aspects of home construction.

Likewise, in the flood-affected districts, Habitat helped build more than 1,300 temporary shelters by January 2018 and plans are afoot to build permanent homes for the 100 most vulnerable among the flood-affected families.

Program Cost

The Asia Pacific Area Office will cover all in-country costs, including accommodations, meals, in-country transportation and domestic flight. A generous donor to the tithe program will cover the costs of your travel insurance and HFHI donation. Trip participants are responsible for the country donation to Habitat Nepal ($800, for which the affiliate will receive tithe credit) and costs of international air travel and entry fees.

For additional information, please contact:
Susan Yow, Director, Affiliate Tithe and Global Engagement (404) 420-6714