Own A Home

Owning a home with Habitat for Humanity is more than just owning the house; it is an investment in your family, neighbors and greater community. Partner families take interest in, and engage with their surrounding community and neighbors.

To qualify for the Habitat home ownership program there are three criteria:

  1. Qualify for a Habitat Mortgage – Applicants must qualify for a zero down-payment, no-interest loan that is fixed to a percentage of their families monthly income. To qualify, a partner family must demonstrate a good credit history and fall within a certain Area Median Income (AMI) range. The exact figures depend on what area of California the applicant family lives in. Contact your local affiliate to find out about your area.
  2. Need for Housing – Applicants must demonstrate a need for housing. This can include, but is not limited to, homelessness, living in overcrowded conditions, having unresponsive landlords, living in a condemned building, and/or other conditions that create an unhealthy or unsafe environment for the family.
  3. Willingness to Partner – Potential partner families must commit to volunteer work or “sweat-equity”, This volunteer time can be spent in a variety of ways, including volunteering on the construction site, participating in financial literacy or first-time home ownership classes, community building events and much more. Families must show a commitment to invest their time and hard work in order to achieve the dream of home ownership with Habitat.

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